Managed Security

An Information Security Proffesional in your corner

Ongoing Security oversight

Information security is an everchanging landscape with new threats and vulnerabilities being discovered daily, not to mention new legal, governance and compliance being pushed on to businesses.

Outsourcing your information security needs is extremely cost effective in todays market and beyond, in February this year, Infosecurity-Magazine reported;

"By 2020 we are going to have a skills shortage of 1.8 million, so you keep hearing. What does that actually mean? The scary answer is we don’t know. However, we can guess.

In 2017 it was estimated that 46% of UK organizations had suffered a cybersecurity incident, with impacts ranging from financial loss to permanent corruption of data. In 2020, the skills shortage will have worsened, meaning that it will be harder to prevent (or respond and recover from) cybersecurity incidents such as these."

Let us provide the skills based on your needs around information security.

Managed Security Services

Your go to InfoSec resource

Managed Security Services (MSS) provide a 'Information Security Professional' for your organisation for less than the price of a full time Security role. The function of the Information Security Professional is to provide oversight and guidance across the business for security.

This is generally built around management of compliance i.e. ISO27001, PCI-DSS and GDPR where they will ensure ongoing compliance, performing key tasks required for continued accreditation/compliance. MSS can provide general long term security advice with no key focus.

This is delivered through a low cost monthly fee based on a recommended number of focused days required to manage security across the company but is not restricted to the core compliance requirements, their skills can be called upon for any aspect of information security from System deployment Projects to Physical Environments, we can assist with customer queries around information security and represent the business from a Information security point of view.

Key details;

  • An Information Security Professional in your company
  • A point of contact for all things information security (we don't know everything, but we will be happy to find the answers)
  • Part of your business team
  • A low cost monthly fee
  • Assistance with all security questions with clients, customers, suppliers
  • More affordable than a dedicated employee